What to read on weekend

Hints for readers – books & comics

It’s Friday, people, let’s start to breathe and think about some interesting things to do during this weekend!

Surely you’ll have free time here and there so I suggest few readings to fill the gap, or whether you’re out of plans, to relax and raise your reader’s point level.

I’m a thriller fan and writer so I can obviously recommend books of that genre but I’ll try to meet also a bit of different tastes.

These days I’m reading Rose Madder by Stephen King and I’m deeply into it. The story is contemporary even if he wrote it in the 90s, talking about domestic abuse, a ill-used wife’s escape, a killer husband, and of course a supernatural side when finding an odd old paint.
Mr. King always reaches the most inner part of the characters in a superb way. You’ll be caught into this book from the very first pages.

Are you searching anything cheerful? I must recommend a volume from Peanuts strips’ collection. There’s no time I go back to them without laughing and finding new moving line behind the characters’ attitude. Mr. Schulz will always be the Master of comics’ strips and Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang are simply extraordinary.

© Schulz – Peanuts

But in case you’re not an illustrated stories fan (I may ask you regarding that, but I won’t… not now…), and you love more traditional suspense plot, I can introduce you to Mary Higgins Clark‘s On The Street Where You Live (Sapevo tutto di lei nell’edizione italiana). It’s a modern mystery read about a young strong woman moving to a new town to escape her problems (an ex-husband and a stalker) then getting involved in a murders’ chain investigation when a skeleton appears in her backyard.
No need to point Mrs. Higgins Clark ability out in trapping you inside her clean storytelling with a “small town gossip” taste due to the great number of characters described. You won’t tell who the killer is until the last few pages, believe me. And a surprise will wait for you there anyway.

Well, grab a book and jump into its magic world. Happy weekend!

U.S. links:

Rose Madder

On the Street Where You Live

Snoopy, Man’s best friend

Link per l’Italia:

Rose Madder

Sapevo tutto di lei

La filosofia di Snoopy


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